Creating a Life

Creating a Life

Retiring Distractions

Once people retire, statistically many transition pretty quickly thereafter. Why is that? My hypothesize is, after dedicating your life to a companies mission statement—one that you may or may not be personally invested in or passionate about—you now have to find a sense of purpose, your own rhythm and create a self-directed life driven by personal conviction. Having a pre-created daily structure with directions is far less countercultural and counterintuitive than it is to dig inside of yourself and uncover the decisiveness and stamina necessary to meet all of your self designated goals. All of this alongside the aging process will come with complexity. Rediscovering yourself or possibly finding yourself for the first time, during the last chapter of your life would be a beautifully complex journey and one that is probably more convenient to overlook for many. 

Finding a leader in God and self as opposed to in another person is countercultural. But this retirement journey—one of self-discovery sustained by paradigm shifts—is one that many of us have taken on before our service to a company is done. We are creating a life, each day.

Creating is War

Creating a life is a daily reckoning that those of us with aspirations that do not come with a ready made infrastructure to self-realize must face daily. We are creating a life each day with room for surrender and the miracles that she gifts us with, room for our ideas and creativity to make manifest and room for unconditional love of self because we cannot and will not create a life without them. Creating a life is a nuanced endeavor that is self-directed, and you will quickly learn that you will only expand as far as you are capable of facing yourself and working through fears and limiting beliefs. Waking up and reckoning with each day and believing that you and your expression matter and are important. I mean, it is literally war; warfare. 

‘How does one create a life? One with room for your heart to rest, for your truth to beam, for your soul to receive and your creations to live? How do you learn to trust in what you receive and realize your goals?’ These are questions that I reckon with each day, especially lately. I feel challenged to show up for myself even more than I thought was possible. Here are a few ideas that are inspiring me as I create this life:

Start Where You Are:

Whatever you have in this moment is enough. Whatever thought, whatever idea, whatever contribution. The more consistently you show up with whatever you have, the more refined your expression will be, the more clear your gift will become. Sometimes you have to push it out, push anything out. Consistently. Just to be able to hear your message. 

When I don’t think I have anything to say I’ll try to create something anyways. Once I’m finished creating, I’ll re-digest what I created and realize that I did have something very clear to say but my original feeling that I did not came from self-doubt. 

Hard is Hard

It’s hard, but it will always be hard. It will never not be hard. Not if I walk away and come back, not after I distract myself. The lesson won’t change either. Not with another person or another opportunity. The more I am able to sit with my feelings, map out a solution and follow it, the more time I save. The more I will move forward and progress. The more hard becomes easier and then easy. Sometimes it seems as if other people have more abilities or an easier path. Very real systemic issues aside, it just doesn’t serve me to dwell in that perspective too much. Yes, other people do have social advantages, but there are people that look like me that have what I desire and I need to push myself as such. 


Many churches have a tradition of naming each coming year and prophesying what that theme will mean in the lives of their congregants. Similar to the way that physics do, but psychics tap into a different source for their visions. These experiences can rile us up and have us awaiting a miracle in the future to change our reality. This year I finally realized that, my year will only be as good as I make it, because the miracle has already been done. Timing is a very real thing because we need to be prepared, but we also should not wait for a miracle to prepare us. The miracle is the reason why, we can prepare ourselves by doing the work. 

See you next week : ) 

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-Amber B

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