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‘Choose Yourself or Loose Yourself’

Healing from Survival Mode

Listen to audio before you proceed: I created this audio, accompanied by a video—that I cannot seem to find—just last year, with my last significant relationship as it’s inspiration. He made me feel so undeniably small—as you may hear in this audio—and if i’m honest with myself, I enjoyed every moment of it. I wanted […]

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feel your entire life, every moment and everyday.

Pain aspiring to evolve out of pain—especially when you’ve experienced utter devastation more than once—is initially very appealing. This idea that we can evolve perfectly, that we can respond perfectly in any given instance, instead of being emotional or ‘imperfect’ at times. The notion that we should have this ability to smile and wave goodbye, […]

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lemonade and unconditional love

Infidelity A few weeks ago, Beyonce notified the entire universe that she had a surprise presentation prepared for us all entitled ‘Lemonade’ and it would be displayed on HBO. As a big Beyonce fan, and an even bigger fan of all things ‘girl power’ I was completely excited by this surprise announcement. I came home […]

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