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‘Choose Yourself or Loose Yourself’


I said I wouldn’t be naming my year this year—and I didn’t name it to be sure—but life had other plans; that on its own was such a beautiful symbol for where I was being lead. As 2021 was trickling to its end, a few thoughts came up into my subconscious and they really stood […]

Choices + Decisiveness

Happy New year. We made it to 2022—despite Covid, all of its mutations and all the the social and systemic reactions to it. We are here and that is miraculous.  During the ending/beginning of each new year, there is always a lot of future forecasting done by psychics and evangelical pastors alike. Tapping into their […]

Creating a Life

Retiring Distractions Once people retire, statistically many transition pretty quickly thereafter. Why is that? My hypothesize is, after dedicating your life to a companies mission statement—one that you may or may not be personally invested in or passionate about—you now have to find a sense of purpose, your own rhythm and create a self-directed life […]

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